Final Crafting Challenge Winner

Final Crafting Challenge Winner

The biggest “thing” out there, the last couple of winters have been Hot Chocolate Bombs. They are super cute to get, pour hot water or milk to, and watch the “Bomb” dissolve to find the inside contains marshmallows and hot chocolate mix. These guys can get pricey. And, if you are looking for a quick office gift, or even a Secret Santa small gift, the price might put this sweet treat out of your price range.

12 Days

That’s why this hot chocolate present just might be the ticket. Not only is it a great Holiday gift, it’s a great Winter gift. It’s a test tube, filled with Hot Cocoa mix and chopped chocolate bits with a cute straw, and baggie of marshmallows attached, along with a personalized message. It’s really simple and elegant, as well. If you don’t want to add a straw, you can attach a single use wooden spoon. It would be just as beautiful. You can leave the outside envie blank, add pretty paper strips, or stamp it up.

So, for this lovely gift idea,  he winner of our final challenge is: Imke Ludwig for this sweet card! Imke Ludwig, please contact me here to claim your $20 store credit.

Now check out our SALE. We are selling all our existing stamps and die stock at a huge discount. I think some of our stamps might be great for your version of Imke’s Hot Chocolate giftie.

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