Pick your Poison

Pick your Poison


Ready for a little spooky goodness?

I've been dreaming about creating Halloween labels to decorate a decidedly devious set of jars and bottles for an apothecary cabinet.

When I finally did, and saw these delightful bottles that Brenda created, I got inspired to create. So, I took myself off to Dollar Tree to get the bottles and supplies.

Deadly Nightshade

I used the NEW Potions Digistamp set to print and cut the six labels for the bottles and jars on sticker paper. The set comes with black and white versions, as well as jpgs, and pngs if you just want to print and cut, like I did. They are high res files so don't be surprised if they take a while to download. And, since they are downloadable files you can create almost instantly.

After printing the labels, I distressed the edges with a little brown ink. This white bottle was a little too pristine so I dabbed some mirror paint on it and placed the label on. I chopped a candle to a stub added it to the top and dribbled some wax on.

We've all shed a crocodile tear or too and this bottle claims to hold the real deal. It's actually little green foam balls with a little food color and water. I added a spritz of mirror spray and dabbed off some of the color to get a distressed look. Then I added the label and did the same candle trick that I did before.

For this Poison bottle I added green and black paint to water for the inside and sealed the cork with hot glue. I used the mirror paint and spritzed with water and vinegar and wrapped the bottle with jute and added the label.

 Scorpion before spelling correction

For the Scorpion Venom (Yes, I corrected the product spelling after I saw this photo), I did the same technique 

For the Eye of Newt bottle I added wiggly eyes and tied the bottle with twine.

Dollar Tree had this great bottle that had fairy lights attached to the bottle of the "cork" closure. I wanted to make sure that the glass was transparent so you could see the styrofoam "bones" and black netting that I thought was a great nod to bat wings flying out of the bottle. Just a quick spritz of the mirror paint before I added the label.


I can't remember how long it's been since I had so much fun putting together a project. And, it came together so quickly because the labels were done, and I was able to just PLAY.


I hope you work your own magic with these labels. 


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