Stretching those Stamps

Stretching those Stamps

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the last bit of holiday prep. Sure, it may look a bit  different this year, but it's still a time of celebration and worship.
Does it make you happy to discover how you can use your stamps in a different way then originally intended? That's what today's topic is about. The Cat Pack have some examples for you to think "outside the box".

Cristena used the helicopter image from the Sending You (a thinking of you set) and converted the hat from the Snapes Alive (a Harry Potter like set for Halloween) to a Christmas hat to create a Christmas card.  I wish I had thought of this!

Here is another one when I say, why didn't I think of that?! Kerry used the drink me bottles from the  Alice Bundle on her super fun Halloween card.

By simply using Christmas colors and patterns, Cristena converted the Alpaca Bundle (a generic set) to a Christmas card.

Nancy (that's me) used the Oh Christmas Tree Bundle to create serene sympathy card.

The Gnome Peeking set was conceived as a Christmas set but Christine so very cleverly used it for a birthday card. Don't you just love those colors?

Brenda used the sweet Penguin Joy on her planner rather than on a card.  Can you visualize years later Brenda's family looking at her planner and realizing  a) how busy she was and b) how very creative she was and c) how much she loved life?!

Julee combined an image from the Grab the Unicorn set (an encouragement set)  with Christmas icons to create a Christmas card. Such striking colors!

Kerry created  a generic themed slimline card using a Christmas image from the Beary Christmas set by simply clipping away the tree and lights part of the image. Very clever!

Nancy (me again) used  the Alpaca Bundle (a generic set) to create a Christmas card.
Always take a critical look at your stamps as you may find a different reason for using them.
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