Clear Stamps Facts

Everything you want to know about Clear Stamps, and More

So you finally have your clear stamps in your hot little hands and are all ready to see what all the fuss is about. But before you tear into them here are some FAQs you should know.

Be gentle with me

One of the benefits of having clear stamps is that you can see through them. Our stamps are made using a photographic process. And while they are pretty durable, they are not indestructible and need to be treated a little more gently than rubber.

We stick together like Shamalamadipdowha

Sometimes, when you open the package, you will find that some of the stamps stick together. No worries. Gently peel the stamps off the acetate and cut the two stamps apart taking care not to cut the part with the images. It doesn't affect the quality of the stamp at all.

Erase It, Baby! Though you can use your new clear stamps straight out of the envie, you might want to consider conditioning them. The more you use them, the clearer the image. When clear stamps are brand new they want to repel ink. Take a standard pink eraser to scuff the surface. It will help your clear stamp hold ink and get a better image. And, clear stamps have more give than rubber stamps, so a lighter touch when stamping may give you a better image. Storing Your Clear Stamps Because Clear stamps are made of a light-sensitive material, they can actually get gooey, discolor or harden as time goes on. This problem can be made worse by sunlight, indoor lighting, oil-based products, acetone and bleach. Store your clear stamps in a light-free container, such as a cardboard shoe box. Even indoor light will discolor and eventually harden your clear stamps. Cleaning Your Clear Stamps Once you ink up your stamp, your stamp will never be as clear as it was in the package. Baby wipes without lanolin are a great method of cleaning polymer stamps. You can also use mild soap and water. We know you love StazON and other Solvent-based inks. They aren't the best choice to use with polymer stamps, though. The cleaners are pretty hard on the stamp. The StazOn cleaner can actually damage your polymer stamp. There are cleaners out there though, made specifically to be gentle enough for use with polymer stamps, that can clean these inks as well. These are a better alternative, baby.