CutUps Faqs

What die-cut machines can use CutUps Dies? Virtually any popular die-cut machine can use the CutUps Dies with a mat "sandwich" for wafer-thin dies. You can see what the "sandwiches" are for the Big Kick, Big Shot, Wizard and Cuttlebug. Your own machine may list the "sandwich" that is best. What can CutUps cut? CutUps will cut: Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Velvet Paper, Felt, Sticky-Back Canvas, Fabric, Sandpaper, 1/16" Cork, Paper Thin Wood, and Fun Foam (thin). To shim or not to shim? Let's face it, not all die-cutting machines are created equal. And like some of us, sag a little, when they get older. And may require a little something to hold us up. With age and use, the rollers in your die-cut machine may shift a bit and require extra passes through the die-cut machine. This is to be expected. Our CutUps Dies cut by pressure, not by being sharp. When you roll the "sandwich" through the machine the rollers press the die into the paper and cut it. This means no sharp blades to cut yourself. Intricate and large dies may additionally require and extra shim or piece of cardstock or two, on top of the bottom mat of the sandwich to help give extra pressure to cut. You may want to place shims directly under the area that is not cutting. Another alternative is the "Cuttlehug". The Cuttle Hug is a thin metal shim that you place under the bottom mat of the sandwich. It is a shim especially made for the Cuttlehug, but it works great with any other machine that needs a little help. It's a great alternative to buying a new machine. We found this video by our manufacturer that may help when cutting intricate dies. Look for the sweet spot If you are still having cutting problems, it maybe that the rollers in your die-cut machine are really loose. You can still get an intricate cut by using a low tack tape to tape your CutUps to the paper. Running it a couple of times through the die-cut machine, turning the paper and die after each run or so. This helps find the "sweet spot" in your machine that will allow you to cut those intricate dies. Where are your CutUps made? Our CutUps Dies are proudly made in the United States using US Steel. We are carrying complimentary steel dies that are not made in the US.