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When you purchase an image from The Cat's Pajamas you are not purchasing the artwork but a standard use license which allows you to use the image in the creation of handcrafted cards, and paper craft items. The finished items may be sold on a small scale on a per item basis. Please place this credit:©Alma de la Rosa.

What is allowed:

  • Using image for demonstration purposes is permitted in small crafting groups if credit is given to: ©Alma de la Rosa
  • You are allowed to sell 50 items per image. Please contact the cat's pajamas if you wish to sell more.
  • You are permitted to give your paper crafts to family, friends and to sell at craft fairs.
  • You are allowed to photograph your paper craft and post it on the internet in a flattened format
  • And if possible, please credit :
What is not allowed:
  •  Electronic Mass production of colored images for the purpose of selling.
  •  Digitalizing the black and white or colorized images for use as a machine embroidery pattern,
  • Scrapbook paper, or physical object is not allowed
  • Images are for personal use only. Copying, duplicating or swapping in large groups is not allowed.
*Please contact for any questions regarding what is permitted or if you have questions about licensing