Food of Love with Cristena

Food of Love with Cristena

Hey all! Happy Thursday! It is the New Release time for The Cat's Pajamas! Today I am playing with Food of Love Digital Stamp Set.

These little images are so cute that I had to make 3 cards instead of just one. However, there are still other images that you can make fun cards with for valentines day, birthday or whatever you wish.

I took a few photos, so I will start you off with the limes card first. 


This card I created for my husband. I kind of took all the little images and thought of my family to see which would do the best with them. My husband when I first met him he used to go to his friend Doug's house and they would have a bucket of margaritas that they would pick up from Costco haha! Always made me laugh so hard! So I figured this one would be perfect for him! I used Twisted Citron Distress Oxide Ink for the background on this one. Then outlined it a bit with some Copic markers.





Each little image is so fun because it comes with it's own little punny phrase to go with the food.  Next up is a card that I created for my son. Although the sentiment that went with it was a little weird for giving it to my son. The sentiment is supposed to say "You stole a pizza my heart"



So I took the "e" from stole, and the "ar" from heart and created "You are a pizza my heart" I felt that would suit a little bit better. This one I created the background with regular ink spots from Rubbernecker Stamps. I love how their colors go from dark to light and are all in one family so you can get the shading like this in the background. You have to use a little more ink and patience, but it is worth it!





 I also love the texture that you get from the regular ink pads as well. The next card I created is for my daughter. She LOVES mushrooms so this one is absolutely PERFECT for her!! 


This card pretty much says it all by itself when it comes to my girl. I used Festive Berries Distress Oxide Ink for the background and then outlined it a bit with Copic markers. 






Every card I finished off with some TINY dew drops just for a little something. You can't see it on the mushroom card but I actually did the insides of the caps and the bodies with E42, 41, 40. Things just get a little lost when you do the photo editing sometimes.


Limes: YG11, 13, 17

Pizza: E50, 51, 53, 55, YR21, 23, Y21, 23, R35, 37, 39

Mushrooms: R05, 17, 29, E40, 41, 43

Other: White Gel Pen

I really hope you enjoyed my post today because I really enjoyed this card and making this post :) You can also get updates and see inspiration on the Cats Pajamas Facebook page each day.

Until next time friends!

Inky hugs,

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